Su Romanzesu, represents one of the few, if not the only, places of the Nuragic era in Sardinia where the cult and the non-cult have coexisted for a long time in perfect balance.

It is, in fact, a Nuragic village-sanctuary, dating back to the Bronze Age, made up of a temple and well surrounded by several staggered rooms, two small temples in mègaron, a rectangular structure, linked to an extraordinary discovery of amber pearls and a sub elliptical enclosure characterized by a labyrinthine structure.


The town is also characterized by the presence of a hundred huts with a circular floor plan and cobbled floors. Inside the cabins there is a stone seat and a fireplace.


From the discovery of various ceramics inside some huts, it was assumed that the fountain, at the beginning of the town, was used only for the supply of water for daily use. A detail, this one, apparently of little importance, which, on the contrary, testifies to an origin of the place very different from those that history usually offers us, that is, that Su Romanzesu was born first as an uneducated people and only later was transformed into sacred place.

The sanctuary became a point of reference for the neighboring towns.
The complexity of the architecture with which the village was designed bears clear testimony to the uniqueness of this place, how it stands out from other sacred sites unearthed in Sardinia.

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If the tomb raiders had not intervened, today we would have had many more elements to reconstruct the history and mysteries of this place.

Charm and suggestion, despite everything, continue to characterize Su Romanzesu. The atmosphere changes completely when, from the nearby town of Bitti, you take the crossroads to reach the town: a forest of cork oaks welcomes you and wraps you in a warm welcome. Suddenly, you realize that you are entering a place where an ancient civilization reigned for many centuries and marked the history of an island, forever.

Su Romanzesu, for me, remains a unique and uncontaminated place from which to start over, to immerse yourself again or for the first time, in the ancient and unique atmospheres that only Sardinia can give you.

I was here over Easter and it was truly a rejuvenating experience. We stayed at the Ertila farmhouse. To describe and recommend it, I chose to do it with a photo that represents the landscape seen from the bedroom window.

Happy return to Sardinia everyone…

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