Here we go again … Another year has passed and another September has arrived.

Always sad, because summer is coming to an end, but still radiant by the light that only in this period can be seen.

The September light is just perfect. I made this picture in Capo Comino. It is a place of Sardinia, which lies between Siniscola and the beautiful Gulf of Orosei.

It was the first time I’ve been in this area. Its nature, so wild, reminded me a little Corsica. There are a variety of beaches and coves one after another. In Capo Comino in that afternoon were very few people. Surely most people were on the famous beach of Berchida: a beach of at least 3 km long and fine white sand that has many services. It is undoubtedly a beautiful place, but personally I prefer to visit during the off season.

That afternoon, in fact, went to one of the rocks of Capo Comino to enjoy the tranquility of a wonderful place made of dunes and silence. The same light I have found a few days later in Cagliari: a beautiful sunset that could not fail to capture.
With a few words we can describe certain feelings, so I leave space for images …

It is September and this is its perfect light.

tramonto a Cagliari

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