Su Tzilleri ‘e su Doge, a restaurant that was an excellent option to spend a Friday night in Cagliari, with a group of Sardinian and Spanish friends.

The restaurant is managed by Claudio Ara, a chef with 40 years of profession.
Claudio is part of a group of chefs determined to support the Slow Food and small local producers, custodians of biodiversity, who use only their products, every day.

In Su Tzilleri ‘e su Doge we will find an ancient and typical flavor of two extraordinary regions, united by the mountains and the sea, by the agro-pastoral culture and by the maritime culture: Sardinia and Veneto.

We have found an authentic Mediterranean cuisine very creative.

On this occasion, we wanted to try different soups, a perfect dish for a winter night! La Minestre is a soup based on traditional recipes that our grandmother would have prepared.

Then they offered us a wonderful fish of the day, cooked in the oven, just wonderful! (That’s why you have to talk to the cook and ask him for his suggestions !!)
The desserts are very original and we could not resist: the panna cotta with goat’s milk called us … eat me, eat me

The atmosphere is very welcoming and we felt at home, so we can only recommend it.

At the end of the dinner, we were able to enjoy a beautiful night walk through the streets of the heart of the city, the Castello.

We were very impressed with the friendliness of the receptionist, Emilia.

Su Tzilleri E Su Doge
Via Santa Croce, 17, 09124 Cagliari CA, Italia
Tel. + 39 327 154 2216



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