Sa Mandra is quite an “institution” in the island. This restaurant is a must to try the Sardinian cuisine with all its flavor and variety (evenings only) in a closed menu that enables us to test the main dishes of the cuisine.

The place is a family holiday farm, also has azienda accommodation, close to the airport of Alghero. The place is made up of several areas and among them can visit a small museum dedicated to the Sardinian traditions. The place is very nice and charming and dinner is done on a charming terrace (even it is ideal for a romantic dinner wrapped in an authentic rural environment). Of course we recommend booking in advance.

Comment of the tourist: The menu price is 35 euros per person and is really good considering the large number of dishes and the generosity of their rations. Therefore, the same day eat something light for lunch and book a very early hour for dinner, to leisurely eat and have time to do good digestion. In summary, get ready for a spread. Here you can see the menu:

Location: Strada Aeroporto Civile, 21, 07041 Alghero.
Google Maps:

Tel. +39 079 999 150


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