The Pomata Bistrot is located in the central Via Porcine in Cagliari. It is a small, sober and minimalist restaurant, with tables made of wooden wine boxes, decorated with pictures and paintings of pop art in the restaurant walls.

This bistro belongs to the renowned chef Luigi Pomata who opened this restaurant as an alternative to other luxury restaurant on the back street (Viale Regina Margherita, 14), creating more popular and more affordable prices for all.

The restaurant uses only products of Sardinia, with few exceptions. Most of the recipes are pomata-bistrot-1fish gourmet style. The great influence of the famous Carloforte tuna proposals in his menu, which varies according to the seas
on. An example is the Cous Cous di verdure con tone (vegetable Cous Cous with tuna), a dish that tells us also about the history and the influence of Arabic cuisine in Carloforte. One of the star starters you could see how it is prepared with great care in the area of the restaurant entrance is La Carlofortina: tonno all’olio, pomodoro, lattuga e crema di basílico. (tuna in oil, tomato, lettuce and basil cream). The tuna was off the charts!

On this occasion, we also enjoy excellent Gnocchi di patata alla Carlofortina con pesto, pomodoro, tonno e formaggio (potato gnocchi to Carlofortina with pesto, tomato, tuna and cheese) or a simple dish like Seppie & Fragiolini di Terrazgo in tegame (Sepia with white beans). To accompany we ordered a glass of house wine, and they offered a fine and tasty vermentino. Of course the restaurant has a good wine list.

Also it highlights their elaborate desserts, beautifully presented. In this case we chose the pie of the day, chocolate and strawberries, and delicious Sfogliatina di mele caramellate con crema alla canela (cream puff pastry with honey and cinnamon). We can also find sorbets and ice cream own production.

The average price for two people is about 60 euros.

We recommend to book in advance even a little before lunch, or go early because they tend to quickly fill their tables.

Location: Viale Regina Margherita, 14.09124 Cagliari, Italy
Map: Pomata
Tel. +39 070 672058

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