The Pizzeria Focus of Cabras is located in the square opposite the beautiful lagoon where  fishing the famous “muggini” (mullet). I have gone several times and have always been good. The kitchen is simple but the ingredients that pizza is prepared, starting with flour, are of excellent quality. In fact this area, as in other areas of Sardinia, they use Senatore Cappelli wheat, the oldest in the Mediterranean, famous for its high digestibility *. I have to say that when this type of wheat  is used in the kitchen of restaurants and pizzerias, the difference is obvious.

To drink almost I always choose one of the wines of Contini. Contini is Cabras, their wines are very good and even when they are not in the area of Oristano, very often choose this brand. For dinner with pizza usually also choose a Pariglia, a fruity Vermentino, which I find delicious, even as an alternative to beer.
IMG_5443_1024* High digestibility of wheat Senatore Cappelli is due to the fact that, unlike other types of grain, not suffers genetic modifications to accelerate growth, and that preserves intact its genuine product. The name given to the grain is in honor Abruzzo Senator Raffaele Cappelli, promoting land reform of the early twentieth century that led to the distinction between hard and soft grains.

Comment of the tourist: The pizzeria is located opposite the lagoon and if visiting during the summer months is recommended to take something against pesky mosquitoes, especially at dusk, which are felt with his annoying presence. Another tip is to book. If you’re going to be sleeping in Cabras, you can come personally to the pizzeria, book a table in the evening and enjoy a walk before dinner along the lagoon.


Location: Via Torino, 23, 09072 Cabras (OR)
Google Maps:
Tel. +39 0783 392038

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