La Tana del Gusto is a surprise for the palate and especially for fish lovers. It is a simple restaurant, away from the center but with a spectacular menu worthy of any upscale restaurant, and one of our favorite restaurants in the capital of the island without any doubt. In his letter and menu are a variety of dishes made with seafood. The dishes are tasty and fresh, the kitchen is good and another aspect that characterizes La Tana del Gusto is the politeness of the staff, very friendly and nice. The whole is colored by the imagination of the cook when he add those special ingredients found in San Benedetto market, which he will propose to you once again with his invaluable personal taste (I still remember very well the pasta with sea anemones). It is a super recommended place.

The tourist comment: They tend to offer a fixed price menu of 25 euros per person, where you can choose between several dishes. Outside the menu, we recommend to pre-order one of the dishes which alone deserves a visit to the restaurant: is the  Zuppa Cagliaritana (soup of Cagliari), a dish similar to a seafood stew, very simple and called in the jargon popular as “the dish of the poor people” because it used to cooking with common and cheap fish, and today has become a prized dish. So we recommend that if you do not speak Italian: ask for help at your hotel to pre-order them this dish a few days before if possible, so the cook can buy the ingredients (if not season). They are usually very friendly and usually we always order the menu including the soup as a first dish, because we go from Spain especially to eat it every time we visit the city! And we also want to try some of the menu .. (we want everything !!)

Location: Via Pergolesi, 1B, Cagliari.
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Tel. +39 070 7543153 – Mobile +39 393 5488735

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