The restaurant La Capinera is located in San Vito. It is a very good trattoria managed by three really smart guys, offering impeccable service, for the quality of their dishes and for their professionalism and kindness.
The specialties are many, the “bavette allo scoglio” (the bavette is a type of pasta like spaghetti, with rectangular shape and slightly convex in a more similar way to the “linguine“) and “fregola alla Capinera” (fregola is a type of pasta with typical spherical shape of the island very similar in size to Israeli couscous, and is made with semolina dough as beads of 2-3 mm diameter and subsequently tostan in an oven, process just giving it a distinctive roasted red to brown).

La Capinera is also a pizzeria. I did not have time to try the pizza this time (error I hope not to repeat …) but I must say that my attention from other tables …. and was very impressed by their appearance and size.
The value is also excellent !!!
It is also open for lunch.

Note: The restaurant has changed ownership. I could not even get to try the new kitchen, but I got a good recommendation from some acquaintances. Prices remain affordable.

Location: Via Nazionale, 80, San Vito (zona Muravera)- CA
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