Monte Turno Beach houses the IKI, a restaurant-stall built entirely of wood. For me, who frequent the beach of Monte Turno, it is a good benchmark.

From the terrace you can enjoy a coffee or a drink with a beautiful view of the blue sea.

The staff is very capable and very professional, and very nice. Informality and freedom of being on the beach, can be combined with the privilege of enjoying a simple meal but with attention to detail. Among the dishes we tried are the frittura di calamari (fried squid) and spaghetti alle arielle e bottarga (spaghetti with clams and bottarga).

They also have excellent white wine of the same area of Castiadas called Notteri.
Also the prices are affordable and the opening period usually begins in June and ends in late September.
IKI is fully recommended.

The only fault I would find is the high volume of music on Sunday nights. Just when approaching the hour of sunset, and one begins to enjoy the best time of day a NOT-relaxing music suddenly invades the beach. This observation is very personal, but I like the silence and take the opportunity on Sunday to recharge waterfront and for me the very loud music is very annoying.

Comment of the Tourist : We recommend testing the bottarga, a typical product of the island, with a strong and particular taste (or you like or you hate). The bottarga are roe fish like mullet, tuna, swordfish, sea bass, which are previously dried and seasoned and then used as a condiment for pasta and many other recipes.

For the most conservative Italian only be called bottarga that it is made with mullet roe, ie, the bottarga di muggine (mullet) The most common area where this type can be found, obviously, is in Sardinia.

The first to discover this delicacy, although the Egyptians were responsible for their dissemination throughout the Mediterranean coast, were the Phoenicians. The bottarga was part of the diet of the fishermen when they were at sea but over the years it has gained special relevance reaching today become a luxury product.


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