El Embarcadero (The Pier) is located in the small town of Porto Conte, amid a natural park, 11 km from Alghero and from this location, drive gets as much in 20 minutes. It is a very nice, especially for dinner restaurant. At night the atmosphere is lively but also ideal to go with your partner or with friends in a more “chic” atmosphere on the terrace, or a pizza and a beer in the part of “garden”.

It is a set of different business around a pier: there is a cocktail bar, a diving center, and restaurant. You can park your car nearby, flush with the road without problems. On the menu is a good pasta with ranges, crab meatballs, caprese salad .. and we recommend the Cannonau wine. The price including wine and dessert for two people is usually around 60 euros.

If you opt to go for the day, we highly recommend a walk along the road to the end, reaching the Faro (where there is a hotel with the same name). The views of the bay are lovely.

Comment of the Tourist: If you want site on the terrace over the sea, best to book ahead. And do not forget to bring a jacket or sweater, because the sea breeze usually cool at night. Hotel El Faro, which is at the end of the road, is a gem for his “beach” on the rocks in the middle of the national park is an ideal place to relax with a good book oceanfront hotel. And yes, the prices are very high in summer.

Location: Strada Statale 127 bis, km 48, 07041 Porto Conte (Alghero)
Google Maps: https://www.google.es/maps/place/Embarcadero

Tel +39 079 930162

+ foto: Wowplaces.de

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