Cossu Giovanni  is not a restaurant, is a pizza “al taglio” (sliced pizza) to take away. We could not forget to mention it in Sardinia12. This may probably be the best pizza al taglio throughout the island.
The first thing that will surprise is the long waiting tail!! but don’t worry! they are very well organized.

First you have to do a line in the case, then you pay and you will receive a ticket. Second step, is go to the second line to collect our orders (with our ticket). The pizza is delivered folded like a sandwich and closed, too keep it hot. The prices are unbeatable, 2.50 euros each !!! We recommend the melanzane parmigiana pizza (aubergine with parmesan cheese), pizza salsiccia and olive (sausage and olives), and a specialty of the island, formaggio, cavallo e pancetta (cheese, bacon and horse).

The tourist comment: Before pick up our pizza, (if you are two persons or more), go first to to the bar of next door and get a table on the terrace. You can  eat your pizza there with an Ichnusa cold beer. You will see the majority of clients do that! As good as it gets.
Cossu Giovanni is a “must” if you visit Bosa.

Location: Via Ginnasio; 6 – 08013 Bosa (OR)
Google Maps:
Tel. +39 0785 373858

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