The chorus is a famous song by Vinicio Capossela’s title St. Vitus (San Vito) dance; the reference in this case is not, however, the famous folk dance and village of San Vito del Salento, but rather to San Vito, the small rural village of the same name and located in Sardinia an hour and a half from Cagliari .

I know San Vito from always  but I had only recently the opportunity to really find out. I spent there the last weekend of May with  friends. The warm rural atmosphere we wanted to join the first sea baths, two desires conflict with each other, but I’ve been able to match perfectly.

We stayed at the B & B Martina. Martina rural flavor joins the warm scent of the Mediterranean: lemon, lavender, oregano, sage; All herbs from her green garden mix with other plants and vines twisted in the pergola with its green grapes waiting to be picked in September.

I could enjoy the beautiful garden terrace the next morning during the sublime breakfast prepared by Martina. Everything was perfect, the warm sunlight that shone with gold highlights through the corners of the pergola, the typical flavors of bread Civraxiu (rustic style bread), the Casu Axedu (fresh cheese from sheep or goat), the delicious jams Pistoccu and bread prepared with ricotta and honey … *

B&B Martina colazione
B&B Martina breakfast

Last night, however, and always with the advice of Martina, dined at the restaurant La Capinera.
Tobias kitchen was another pleasant surprise. I was very sorry to know that Tobia would soon managing the restaurant, in fact, did just a few days after our visit, and the restaurant is now back in the hands of the restaurant former owners. Nevertheless, I am very glad I met a guy like him, simple, humble and at the same time, enthusiastic and passionate about his craft. Tobia reopen soon in a new place, I do not know where yet, but of course I will find out !! I have no doubt that where he installs will go well and in any case, I offer my best wishes, though perhaps never read this article;)

My stay in San Vito continues by sea. The next morning, after breakfast, we moved to the area of Castiadas and went to Monte Turno, where besides a few bathing in the sea, enjoy a nice lunch at the IKI.

IKI beach
IKI beach

In the area of ​​San Vito, I remember a while back I strolled  Monte Narba mines. The mining town is completely abandoned and unfortunately now full of rubble. Slowly collapses and debris are leaving no trace of this beautiful place in the nineteenth century was one of the most important deposits of lead and silver in Italy. I particularly remember the villa which belonged to guess mine managers; now in ruins and full of debris, but still intact can see the frescoes of the rooms and their colors, Pompeian red, ocher yellow and blue, and though faded, are perceived even within the walls of abandoned houses, surrounded by the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, mine was an impromptu visit and had not even the camera with me, but now I’ve rediscovered the area, I will not miss the chance to go back and document the details of a piece of important history of Sardinia, is in serious danger of disappearing forever.

From my visit to San Vito, I must say that what surprised me most is the people. Returning to the verse of the song and what it means, where it describes the frenzy caused by the bite of the tarantula, I say that, since I’ve been here so “do not pass” is the memory of an important experience especially from the point in human terms. I met wonderful people. For Martina and Tobia I feel admiration and esteem, open and always ready to look over the context in mind it is not always easy to do, and I have literally conquered. Moreover, and along with other country-style accommodation always, they have found a way to create a synergy and “network” through an association called Antichi Portali (Old Portal) (, which promotes the territory Gerrei of Sarrabus and offers its rural and cultural tourism.

In Sardinia12 trip often we will focused in people. They are the real protagonists of the stories we tell, and the value of the place, its beauty, increase only when they are recognized by people who know them well and living in these sites for a long time. Unfortunately we not always do that, too often take for granted as easily worth the beauty that gradually could be lost forever. But I think this trip will be many valid people who know and we will leave your knowledge … this time we have found in San Vito and we are convinced that it is only the beginning …

* The Civraxiu and Pistoccu are two typical breads of Sardinia; the Civraxiu is from Sanluri (Medio Campidano country), and is made with durum semolina wheat. It main feature is its circular shape, with crispy outer crust and soft crumb inside.

Location: Vito

Song: Il ballo di San Vito

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