The beach of Cala Pira is located in a coastal area of great beauty, Costa Rei. This is a particular coast compared to the rest of the island. The landscape has its own personality, especially by the color of its rocks and cliffs that have a reddish hue that contrasts with the dark green of the vegetation and of course, the wonderful color of its waters.

The beach has fine white sand with pink hues. Its waters are shallow and crystal clear and very safe to go with the kids so they can play safely, as if it were a pool. This allows us to cross it walking from end to end along the shore or in the water, given its low initial depth, and thus enjoy a natural spa for the circulation of the blood of our legs (tip we always like to give in sardinia12 ;-))
It is also ideal for those who like to travel with pleasure boats, as the boats can anchor here destination.

cala pira 2


On the beach we can find the Tower of Cala Pira, surrounded by dunes, juniper trees and granite stones, where we can go for a walk, enjoying natural shade in the hottest days. The tower has recently been restored.

Cala_Pira_Torre_percorso_1cala pira (sentiero per la torre)

It is a place that invites you to relax. This is a normally quiet beach without big crowds. These photos were taken in June. Although it must be said, that in the months of July and August, there are more people. At this time it is applied to the parking a fee (price of 5 € for the whole day and 3 € half day), and a bit of the atmosphere changes. However, it is normal for this to happen and despite this, you can enjoy a beautiful day on the beach, in a beautiful place ever

Its sunset is particularly special. After a day at the beach, we can have a snack at the bar, enjoying a glass of white Vermentino and seeing change the color of its rocks, its water and its sand and slowly as is deserted …



And if we further extend our time and wait for dinnertime, we can end the day at the fabulous pizzeria La Vecchie Carcieri, Castiadas, 10 km from the beach (it takes about 15 minutes by car). The name of the pizzeria is due to the old prison, converted into a museum, and it deserves an article to itself for its interesting history .

Note that the entire area has a unique and very appreciated gastronomy by the Sardinians themselves.

Cala Pira is accessed by the panoramic road to Costa Rei from Villasimius, the SP 18 to km 11, where we will find a sign for the beach, written on a rock, right at the entrance of a dirt road follows ( our regular readers know about the situation of the signs on the island .. somewhat confusing or difficult to follow usually).

Comment of the  Tourist: Cala Pira is a perfect beach destination for a weekend if you go from abroad, since drive from Cagliari Elmas Airport is just 1 hour. It is a place to unwind and enjoy nature I can only recommend. There are numerous accommodations in the area for all budgets and many other beaches and interesting towns to visit.

Comment of the Local: Cala Pira, along with some other beaches in Sardinia (another is of Tuerredda) has always given me the feeling of a Caribbean beach. The impact of vegetation directly on the water and the various shades of emerald green seriously give the impression of being on another continent.

But then you realize that you are in Sardinia and think about the many varieties of landscapes that the island offers. I know it may seem repetitive, but I am aware of how lucky we are in Sardinia. Cala Pira, in addition to the soft sand, you can choose to be on the rocks that are large and soft. You can even think of climbing along the path leading to the tower and enjoy the other side of the cove, which is more interior and more suitable for lovers of rocks.

cala pira (scogli)

cala pira scorcio


Video Cala Pira: Sardegna Dal Cielo:


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