Sardinia is an island that is blessed with many wild beaches and in its natural state and is everyone’s responsibility to keep them as they are. Please note these 10 basic keys to protect beaches.

Remember the good environmental practices on the beach !!

Whenever you go to the beach:

  1. Respect the flora and fauna on the sand and in the sea.
  2. Access to the beach by crossing points.
  3. Leave your car in the parking enabled following the guidelines indicated. Respect the reserved parking for disabled, if any.
  4. Do not litter, deposit the garbage in the bins provided or take them with you.
  5. Make wise use of the showers and water points.
  6. For hygiene and respect for others tourists, do not access to the beach with pets.
  7. Heed warnings intended for the care of the beaches or signs in the area staff.
  8. Do not fret with noises the calm of environment.
  9. Watch and enjoy the natural cycles of the beach.
  10. Spread the good environmental practices. The beach belongs to everyone, working with conservation.

Two other rules than we have left for the last because it is perhaps are the most important, say:

11. Do not take the sand. What nature took thousands of years to create, is their right to remain in their natural habitat

12. Do not leave cigarette butts on the beach. Butts, because of sea currents inevitably end up in the sea causing a high rate of pollution has a degradation time of 10 years