The port of Cagliari, throughout the history, has been one of the most important ports in Italy and is one of the largest seaports in the country, as well as one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea.
A lot of merchandise and passengers move.

The port was founded by the Phoenicians, and subsequently the Carthaginians passed by and then the Romans. Since its origin, the port has been in a constant expansion program.

The facilities of this port are frankly large and although it is not allowed to walk through them, if there are some areas that allow you to take a nice walk in winter, especially on a sunny day. Also, it is right next to the city center.

The best way is to access from Via Roma, and there looking at the sea, go for a walk to the left.

Then, we can visit the Marina neighborhood where the old Roman road is located and you will find the city hall, the piazza Yenne and the bastions of the Castello neighborhood in the background. In the Marina neighborhood we can walk along Via G Manno street (better known as Costa) a place full of shops and commercial life.

In the area, we recommend eating Pomata Bistrot, an experience of typical Sardinian cuisine, in a very authentic environment.


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