The small beach of Porto Flavia is located in the south-west coast of Sardinia, at a place called Masua in the city of Iglesias. In my opinion, with Tavolara, Porto Flavia gives us one of the most beautiful views of the island. The wonderful rock called Scoglio di Zucchero (Sugar Loaf) 132 meters high, towering water emerges giving the impression of being immersed in a painting.
As I have said many times, in Sardinia it is easy to find holiday spots near the archaeological sites or of cultural interest. Porto Flavia is one of these cases. In fact, the beach is very close to an old mine. Actually Porto Flavia, as its name suggests, was used as an important port suspended between sea and sky.
It was an ingenious architectural work seriously revolutionized the engineering of the time. The port was used as a boarding system of heavy minerals, which until then had been transported by loaded on the backs for so-called “galanze” Carloforte in their sailboats containers.

porto flavia vista

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The tunnel, built into the rock by the miners, is 600 meters long and a small outlet with protective barriers appears, overlooking the sea, facing the Pan di Zucchero. The view is breathtaking !!!

Flavia is the name of the eldest daughter of engineer Cesare Vecelli. The port began operating in 1924 and was finally closed in 1964.
The site can be visited without any doubt and the guides are good and are well prepared.

In a single day you can enjoy the wonderful sea of the beach and decide to visit Porto Flavia gallery. Parking is the same. Begins on a dirt road that is located in a beautiful pine forest and fresh.
Following the roads, at some point the path divides: falling, get to the beach; but if we continue upward, along the route of the old railway tunnel is reached.

porto flavia cammino

The beach is not very large and the sand is blind as a kind of gravel.

To reach the beach of Porto Flavia, go along the provincial road 83 to Masua Beach, where a dirt road leads uphill to the end of the mining area.

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Comment of the tourist: the beach of Porto Flavia is the latest found before reaching the gallery. Unlike Porto Cauli, and other beautiful beaches that precede it, Porto Flavia has no bar or restaurant service. It is recommended therefore, be equipped with water (always in abundance) and takeaways.

If you decide to do the guided tour, the cost of entry is € 8 for adults and 4 € for children. Inside the hall ticket, there is a small vending machine for drinks and snacks. Before starting the tour, for security reasons we put ourselves a helmet (the road is very safe).

Another important thing is always better to consider when you are in this area, is the wind. We are on the southwest coast of the island, and the mistral tends to blow stronger and become dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to organize the day keeping an eye prior to the weather forecast. Otherwise, you should only let go and enjoy the wonderful spectacle of nature!


Location: Flavia


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