Mesa Longa beach belongs to the town of Putzu Idu, in the municipality of San Vero Milis, and close to the famous beach of Is Arutas, if you want to seize the day to visit both beaches.

The beach has a background of yellow red sand, medium grain, with pink fragments on the coast and stretches of smooth rock. Between Capo Mannu and Su Pallosu, this particular beach is also called the Laguna, thanks to long flat rock outcrops that form a long “table”. The shape of the beach is a huge pool which make this beach a very impressive and spectacular place.

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A part of the beach, is an ideal place for a long walk along the nearby beach cliffs right place. The views are stunning and a very relaxed atmosphere. It should be noted sunsets for photography enthusiasts.

Comment of the tourist: The beach is shallow and gently sloping, making it very suitable for swimming and for children to play. There is ample parking, accessible to campers and a snack bar.

Location: Mesa Longa

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