Just 3 km from Stintino, neighbor of La Pelosa, we find the beautiful beach of Le Saline (The Saltworks). As understood by its name, this beach if located beside a natural saltworks. With respect to La Pelosa it is certainly quieter. Less a place for those who prefer frequented, the beach of le Saline, represents a very good alternative to chaos, since renounce all that features accustomed to find on many beaches of Sardinia

Here the sea is clear and blue turquoise. The white stones forming sand are like small grains of rice that have been created patiently for years by the wind and nature, and make this beach an even more interesting and special place. Unfortunately, the photos do not do justice to the beauty of the place. That day there were clouds and light was not the best. My purpose (and I say this with great sacrifice), is returning soon to the beach and take new pictures to add to the blog! 😉

Las Salinas already existed in the thirteenth century and were long exploited by the monks of Santa Maria di Tergu.

The beach is very popular for the locals, who come from neighboring Porto Torres, who like to frequent the place. In the days when the wind blows hard, this beach is very popular with windsurfers. For those interested, they can contact the Windsurfing center there on the beach: http://www.windsurfingcenter.it


The beautiful Torre delle Saline is part of the set of fortified structures that formed a defensive, warning and communication set,  established throughout the island from the Middle Ages to the mid-nineteenth century. This particular tower is a weapons category tower of heavy defense and is within sight of the towers of Porto Torres, Trabucado and Capo Falcone, to exchange messages in case of external attacks.

Sardinia is a mixture of nature, culture and history. A relaxing vacation that provides the beach, you can always join a varied day to complete the walk, which leads us to discover an island linked to a particular event of the past.


Comment of the Tourist: The beach bar is ideal to grab a burger or a plate of fast pasta.
Parking at the beach is free. Of course, it is advisable not to forget the diving mask. The proximity of the Marine Park of Asinara to Le Saline Beach, makes it an ideal place to observe numerous fish.

True, the area of Stintino is characterized by La Pelosa and its colors of the Caribbean Sea; but Le Saline beach can be a very good choice of quality and beauty, not to mention the comfort and tranquility to enjoy a beautiful sea at a rate much vacation ..

Location: https://www.google.es/maps/place/LeSaline

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