Opposite the island of Asinara near the village of Stinting, it is this paradise.
La Pelosa dominates the landscape with the whiteness of its sand and clear waters at the foot of Capo Falcone. To the north it is bounded by the Pelosa tower, an imposing seventeenth-century building that rises over the coast and we can come swimming perfectly to make a small tour of the island and the tower.

The landscape between the beach and the islands in front is a whole rich and varied world above and below the sea. The different depths makes their color shades are unique, from the deeper blue to the crystalline turquoise.

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And where to eat at La Pelosa? There are many options. One is to eat in the village of Stintino where we find great pizzerias as Lu Fanali with beautiful views of the harbor. They have a nice shaded terrace where usually run a bit of sea air, which is appreciated after the heat of the beach. Ideal to eat a salad, a pasta dish or a handmade pizza (and do not forget one of their homemade desserts).

On the beach of the Pelosa also several bars where you can eat and drink. We can also supply in the village to bring something to the beach.

Comment of the Tourist: If you want to visit the Pelosa in high season without being stayed in the area you must go there very early (consider reaching the beach to 8.30 am) in order to find parking. Another option is to leave the car in Stintino and go by bus, although parking in town is not easy.

Hotels in the area often provide small buses that bring guests to the famous beach. The beach is usually very full and it’s hard to find a place for the towel, but what is worth bathing in its waters, where swimming  a bit we’ll be in a calm area. Despite the crowds, worth the visit.
In la Pelosa in addition, you can buy great “cotton towel” (made in India) of very good quality and sold by friendly Senegalese people.

Situación: https://www.google.es/maps/place/LaPelosa

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