Last Thursday I was there in front of that beautiful sunset. It was in Sant’Antioco, sitting on a bar located in the dunes of Cala Sapone.

They had just broadcast “Just Breathe” of Pearl Jam. Breathe. This is the title song. And there is nothing simpler and at same time more complex than breathing. Breath becomes irregular almost always when I am faced with similar shows. A breath that this summer I began to listen more carefully. Even at times, I felt amplified, as in Asinara.

We are at the end of August.
One feels a thin melancholy mixed with the desire to start again. A new season is upon us. New colors, new feelings that draw us toward something that is completely new despite repeated every year. Let go the summer can be difficult, but with Sardinia12, I promise, it will not be.

A charge of pure energy will come through past memories and the places visited. Then, month after month we will give space to the other side of Sardinia, less known and mysterious, which accompanies the development of the seasons and months.

Are you ready? We’re going to count to three. One two Three.
A deep breath and we go on..

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