Today we go to the fish market.. in Cagliari and Barcelona!

There is a very curious and interesting fact that we can not forget to explain in Sardinia12 and has drawn attention both, to the Sardinian who has lived in Barcelona, like the tourist who both live in Sardinia (at least all what she can) .
And this is the difference in the fish market!

Go to the market, choose vegetables, fish, meat, etc and then go home to cook for family or friends, it is a well-established fact in our cultures and that characterizes much Spanish and Italian (along with many other Mediterranean cultures ), and if we can not do during the working week, at least on weekends is attempted.

And precisely, we want to explain this curious fact for all travelers (who go in both directions):

In Barcelona (and in Spain in general) fish markets usually are served by ladies. These ladies are all our proud, as they do a hard work getting up at 2 o’clock in the morning to open the market and serve to its customers. And they usually do perfectly make up and coiffed!

In Cagliari, however, most fish markets are served by gentlemen, and many are fishermen. Needless to say, the hardness of their work. Our favorite market is the San Benedetto and from there are these photographs.

And except for the gender difference, we can say that the sale of fish is an art: in both cases they call us “loudly” to get our attention, with “grace and charm” (“con gracia y salero” as we say in Spain) and usually is people very dedicated to their profession and always kind to their customers, always doing amazing recommendations on how to cook your fish. These so valuable tips that then make us look so good with family and friends …

From Sardinia12, we want to give this small tribute to those fishmongers, who with their hard work, allow us to enjoy good food in our homes.

Commentary of the local: the market has been one of the elements that has most fascinated me during my stay in Spain. In Barcelona, in every neighborhood there is a market. I would say that unlike Italy, in Spain the market is a real institution.


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