Alghero is perhaps the most beautiful medieval city on the island and its beaches are part of its beauty.
Its name, Alguer or Alghero, Alghero in Italian, S’Alighèra in Sardinian and L’Alguer in Catalan, comes from the algae that are deposited on San Giovanni beach after the rainy days.

Alghero has white sand beaches and calm and transparent waters and also allows us to deepen the culture and history of the city visiting its old town, its museums, historical buildings and also, we can make several trips to other nearby areas of great value natural and cultural. All this, together with its climate, make Alghero a perfect place to visit it throughout the year, which could perfectly be in any of the 12 months of Sardinia12.

The beach of the city has a length of 3km, and is characterized by its clear sand and transparent shallow waters, which make it ideal for the enjoyment of children and to take long walks around it at any time of day.

The main urban beach is called Playa de San Giovanni, and has several free areas and others with paid spas, which offer bar or restaurant services, umbrellas and sunbeds, security, etc … with which the options are very numerous.

On the beach of San Giovanni we will recommend the LIDO Alghero spa located on Via Lido street No. 14 and 18 corner almost with Cipro street, which offers a good space between its loungers and a very good pizzeria restaurant! It is the place where we use to go.
The price for the entrance is about 10 euros per person for the whole day (including a lounger).

In addition, it has a diving center that will facilitate us to make an excursion to go diving or snorkeling in the natural park of Porto Conte and in the cliffs of Capo Caccia. Very nice activity!

Situation: Lido Alghero

The next beach that we will find next, in the direction of Fertilia, is located next to the beautiful Pineda di Maria Pina. Maria Pina Beach is located behind a leafy pine forest that offers a beautiful natural environment and obviously does not have the services of San Giovanni (although on the road there are some establishments). It is the perfect opportunity to buy before going some focaccias in the famous Bar Foacceria Milese in the center of the city and take them with us to the beach.

In spite of being a very popular beach, thanks to its size, it is usual to always find a place to be calm. The difficulty can be parking in high season if it does not get up early: cars are usually parked along the road or you can look in the streets behind.

There are other well-known and popular beaches in the outskirts of the city that have all kinds of services.

In the direction of Porto Conte and once past the town of Fertilia, along the road there are the detours to the Beach of la Bombarde, the beach most frequented by the young people of Alghero, or the beautiful Beach of Lazzaretto.

In the direction of Bosa, we can find the beach of Cala Bona, a small beach surrounded by rocks with a large hotel behind and another more quiet option is to go ahead and visit the small coves that are on the road that goes to Bosa, which are of more difficult access.

The options in Alghero are very varied as you can see, which makes it an ideal destination for beach lovers without having to make long journeys.

Comment of the Tourist: One of the most beautiful things on the beaches of Alghero (and the city) are its sunsets. So we recommend you be attentive with your camera at 8 o’clock in the afternoon in summer, since you can capture images of great beauty. It is also an ideal time to have an aperitif on the beach by the sea, stroll along its promenade or along the beach.

And I will not tire of repeating, that we should not forget a good umbrella that can be bought in any establishment for 15 euros, and always carry water with us, since the sun on the island is very strong. And do not forget the good environmental practices to preserve the place.

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