In a summer trip, visiting the island from south to north, we stopped at an indication to the right of the highway that said “Nuraghe Santa Barbara. The walk turned out to be almost 1 hour (gentlemen could you put a sign with the distance!) But the experience was very nice, since it is a dirt road between fields and livestock.
During the way, we were able to photograph this pretty picture of the interior of the island, while the bells of the city of Macomer broke the silence. Again, Sardinia was able to transport us to the past, making us imagine how life should be at that time that churches warned the inhabitants of any event. We live the experience even more realistic, because the phones were not working! When we came back and got into the car again, inevitably we resumed contact with “the reality of our time,” but with the feeling of having experienced something extraordinary, impressed. For a moment it felt like the protagonists of the famous movie “Back to the Future”, but unlike the film, the trip had yet to follow and in our hearts we knew that, rightly, many others will be surprised with the experience like us. Naturally, we got into the car and resumed our journey, keeping jealously for ourselves the sensation experienced during that surreal and beautiful experience just experienced.


Commentary of the local: I also had to live many times these experiences in my island. Sardinia still maintains a strong link with the past and, as I have written many times, helps to live the time in another way, forgetting the hectic pace of modern life.
But many times, this has nothing to do with traffic signs Sardinia … are a disaster! 😉 One way or another always one manages to keep the best indications or “non-indications” of the road, but it is always a great job, unfortunately. When you are on vacation and do not want to have any inconvenience during the journey, I understand that things can not always be pleasant.

Macomer is very close to Bosa, is located inside the island and serves as a passage to reach the different areas of northern Sardinia, as Gallura. The landscapes of northern Sardinia are very different from the South. They are greener and denser vegetation. A few kilometers from Macomer there’s the famous petrified forest of Burgos, an interesting testimony of the past that portrays the phenomenon of transformation over the years in the trunks of trees along millennia lies, and due to climate change, they have suffered a slow transformation to become stone, but keeping its original shape.

I was in Burgos when I was a child and I have a wonderful memory of the place. I plan to return soon. It happen to think about it when, returning from northern Sardinia to Cagliari, I saw the indication (in this case very clear), towards Burgos (place with Spanish origin unequivocally) and its enchanted forest. Now, with the blog, I have one more reason to organize a stop in that area and implement valuable suggestions of Raquel! regarding distances 😉

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