Okay, I admit it! Living in Cagliari and having the sea just 5 minutes from the city, it’s beautiful and a lot of luck!
And if we add the privilege of having a crystal clear sea, white limestone rocks that accentuate the contrast of the colors of the sea and the Mediterranean, makes me feel doubly fortunate person and fully aware of the many offers you can live in a beautiful city like this.

A Paradise in the city. It is appropriate to say it. Besides the kilometer-long  popular Poetto beach (Poet beach), we find Calamosca, with its beautiful cove of white sand and the path to the promontory called Sella del Diavolo (Devil’s chair).
The promontory of Sella del Diavolo, with its beautiful lighthouse, you can see during the descent plane coming to town. For this, we recommend if you can choose your seat on the plane, do it in the left side near the window;-)
Most times, the aircraft turns and crosses the entire coast flying over Villasimius, Costa Rei and Mari Pintau coming towards Cagliari and flies above all Calamosca, Capo Sant’Elia and the port area of the city.

View from the plane

The white limestone that characterizes Cagliari and gives rise to the name of the city thanks to the Mediterranean roots “Kar”, is a royal card visit and immediately attracts attention for its uniqueness and beauty.
When we come from “land” (much more convenient and recommended option), we cross an avenue of pines where a little further it is the small beach of Calamosca.

Favorites moments are many when I like to go. During the summer months it is inevitable that the beach is very popular with families who live in the area, so it is best to go for sunset. I usually go at 19:00 and arrived as I dive straight into the water. The feeling is wonderful, especially after a hot day when the sun begins to descend, leaving a little room to pass a shy coolness in the air.


Several times I look up and I get to see the beautiful pink flamingos who follow his path to the pond Molentargius. From April to September, this show is very common in Cagliari. Sometimes they are seen at night because accidentally the eye captures it, or because is noticed a line a bit strange in the sky that warns us of their presence. The flight of the flamingo is one of the things that excite me and make me feel more closely linked to my land.
This time is also ideal for an aperitif and Calamosca always my favorite place, even for bathing, is the Paillote. La Paillote is simply a paradise within paradise. It is a restaurant-lounge with solarium remaining at the end of the dirt road (unmade), after the beach of Calamosca and the beginning of the town of Calafigheira.

scorcio cala de la paillote
La Paillote

The solarium has a wooden platform with some umbrellas and chairs that can be rented. On one side there is a small bar that make excellent coffee and snacks. Usually I prefer to stay in the “free” part of the small creek, and I usually set among white stones and rocks. It is not always comfortable sitting among the stones, although in some parts of the creek are fairly flat, and therefore prefer to bring a mat of hand and solve the problem. One thing I try to never forget is the diving mask, of course. The backdrop, especially at this point, is formed by a rich marine vegetation and there are a variety of fish.

Solarium de La Paillote
Solarium de La Paillote

The Paillote was formerly a reserve. The whole area of Calamosca, besides the initial part where the beach is, was inaccessible at some points and remains so because of the military zones that still occupy the area. Perhaps this, this place has allowed to preserve its beauty and authenticity. Now, in fact, over the sea you can choose to walk the nature trails of the Sella del Diavolo who have recently settled and were returned to the city.

Several times I thought about doing this route and join local guides organize guided tours on Sundays during winter. As has always been an interesting strategic area, the promontory has retained several archaeological sites that can still be achieved, the Punic tank and the temple of Astarte, where their presence is assumed in the past. Recently, right next to the archaeological sites, a small hut was built and although I still have not tested, can be a great help to enjoy a rest and a good meal.

Calamosca road
torretta sella del diavolo
Sella del Diabolo tower
rifugio della sella del diavolo
refuge of sella del diavolo

The road is easy and the scenery is wonderful. A completely new view hits you, the whole city and the long beach of Poetto, completely dominates from above. For me, I’ve always seen the promontory from Poetto Beach, it is truly strange to observe this unusual perspective. It is a truly unique show!
During my visits to Calamosca very often I decide to go through Giò pizza. An excellent pizzeria to take away, it also has some tables that allow you to enjoy the pizza just in front of the pizzeria or you can choose to sit comfortably in the nice little square of San Bartolomeo at the entrance of Calamosca, or going to enjoy it in the beach. They offer friendly service both for its attentive, simple and accessible staff, for the great pizzas prices!

Piazza San Bartolomeo

Calamosca is a simple place with a slightly decadent charm that is noticeable immediately. Perhaps this is the aspect that characterizes the place, also because it conceals a real wild beauty, rare would say, if we consider that it is so close to the city; simplicity, this Calamosca, you learn to appreciate without too much difficulty, because they are simple things that at the end of every stay longer in the memory.

paillote e sassolini bianchi

Comment of the Tourist: Calamosca offers one of the most spectacular sunsets in the Mediterranean. The sunset is outstanding (prepare the cameras!), especially from La Paillote. To enjoy the visit the maximum, you can take some clothes to change and after a sunset on the beach (for swimming in the creek, it is recommended to wear rubber slippers) stay for dinner at the restaurant, it transforms into a chic place with a beautiful lighting, the sea breeze and a delicious menu. Although our clothes are simple and informal, you will have a feeling of absolute luxury experience. A place to come back and back and back..

Location: https://www.google.es/maps/place/Calamosca

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