It is the month in which the Ferragosto is celebrated in Italy (on 15th), is the month of shooting stars, a phenomenon that occurs mainly in the night of San Lorenzo, where everyone with the nose upwards to the hope to see a star  in order to fulfill a wish, a dream that lights up as long as you make sure to turn it into reality.


The beach of Cala Pira is located in a coastal area of great beauty, Costa Rei. This is a particular coast compared to the rest of the island. The landscape has its own personality, especially by the color of its rocks and cliffs that have a reddish hue that contrasts with the dark green of the vegetation and of course, the wonderful color of its waters. The beach has fine white sand with pink hues. Its waters are shallow and crystal clear and very safe to go with the kids so they can play safely, as if it were a pool. This allows us to cross it walking from end to end along the shore or in the water, given its low initial depth, and thus enjoy a natural spa for the circulation of the blood of our legs (tip we always like to give in sardinia12 ;-)) It is…

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Sa Mandra is quite an “institution” in the island. This restaurant is a must to try the Sardinian cuisine with all its flavor and variety (evenings only) in a closed menu that enables us to test the main dishes of the cuisine. The place is a family holiday farm, also has azienda accommodation, close to the airport of Alghero. The place is made up of several areas and among them can visit a small museum dedicated to the Sardinian traditions. The place is very nice and charming and dinner is done on a charming terrace (even it is ideal for a romantic dinner wrapped in an authentic rural environment). Of course we recommend booking in advance. Comment of the tourist: The menu price is 35 euros per person and is really good considering the large number of dishes and the generosity of their rations. Therefore, the same day eat something light…

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At Pizzeria Il Buongustaio in Cabras you will find one of the best pizzas to take away. But we do not have photos in conditions. They are so good that we eat them before we realize we have not taken pictures. This is how it always happens. And  we have gone times … Only the last time we got a photo with the phone of the last sad piece that was … (the fabulous pizza with bottarga). From the best of the world. Need I say more? You are late to go. Tourist comment: The place has some tables, but in summer, with the heat it is, eating inside, a suicide mission. Better to take the pizza to any place, like to the hotel or sit in any square or bench in the street .. They sell cold drinks to take away too, above all the obligatory Ichnusa beer in…

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The author of these beautiful photos is a good friend of mine, his name is Roberto Murgia, named Bob. The photos show some moments of the rite of Holy Week in Cagliari. Sa Chida Santa, which is its name in Sardinian language, takes place through the streets of the historic center: Villanova, Stampace, Castello and the Marina district, reliving il pasquale Triduum, ie, the event Passion Christ, his death and resurrection. All this happens in an evocative atmosphere of the ancient mystical-religious customs of Spanish origin. The rites of Holy Week involve all of Sardinia and the celebrations start on Friday before Palm Sunday with the procession of the Mysteries (Is Misters). In the emotional ritual procession are described the Deposition of the Cross, which in Sardinia is called “En Scravamentu” and the meeting between the statue of Jesus and the Virgin Mary: “S’Incontru” . Local fraternities are the undisputed protagonists…

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It’s true, we’re at the right time, but the cover photo, is not a mountain of ice, but rather of salt. In December I visited the Saline Conti Vecchi. I took this photo from the tourist train while it took us around the large plant that is located a few kilometers from Cagliari. The Saline Conti Vecchi, are an example of how Sardinia, in the past, has experienced periods of great social emancipation and an economic and industrial development. Even today, they are in operation and keep intact the charm of a past that has much to tell. Entire families lived in the so-called “salt village“. This project was from the engineer Luigi Conti Vecchi. Luigi Conti Vecchi was originally from Tuscany; in 1919, after fighting during the First World War, was involved on an ambitious pond reclamation work to eradicate malaria. Malaria, especially in Sardinia, has been for a…

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“I experienced a spell tonight.” This is the thought that I wrote and left in the guestbook in Chiara Vigo’s room. Chiara Vigo is the master of the sea thread, the bisso. The bisso or fabric of the sea is obtained from the precious Pinna Nobilis, a giant mollusk that can reach a meter and a half. This mollusk is a cross between a mussel and an oyster, and inside it has a cetacean gland that produces a kind of keratin collagen: a slime of keratin that spit molluscs due to the contraction and movement of the two valves. In contact with the water, this slime solidifies and produces a brown coating, similar to a shaved beard in the middle of small incrustations of shells, algae and coral: the material is worked and reddened, and only then becomes the bisso. I have witnessed the transformation of the bisso into sea-thread; I…

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Last September 22nd, during the days of the Autumn Equinox, I was at the well of Santa Cristina. . I arrived in the afternoon and, unfortunetely, I didn’nt see my shadow overturned. The day was right, but the sun, at that hour, was not aligned with the hole above the well roof. It is the sun, in fact, which filters the light into the well and, due to the refraction, the shadow reflects on the water, projecting its image with its head facing down. The Sanctuary of Santa Cristina is always a magical place. Every time I was there, I experienced a special familiarity. It dates back to the XI – IX century A.C. It was built in local basalt and consists of a trapezoidal trunk sectional staircase, a hypogeic cell turned to the ogiva. The cell was made with concentric rings superimposed with the typical isodomic technique (very used…

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Cagliari, my city, which I thought I knew so well, the other night gave me another nice emotion, I went on an afternoon tour through the streets of the Castle (Castello) district. The tour was organized by Trip Sardinia agency, which organizes events, tours and tours throughout the island. Thanks to a brilliant guide called Claudia, who started the tour at the Porta Cristina, the monumental arch that is the entrance to the Castello neighborhood. Porta Cristina (Cristina gate), as Claudia explains, became a monumental gateway in 1854 of the Savoy during the united Sardinian-Piedmont kingdom. Its previous name was Porta del Soccorso (Succor Door) because the castle is introduced through a tunnel excavated in the rock. During both the Pisa and Aragonese governments, the castle had a purely military role: it was there where all the administrative, military and political operations were carried out; Its doors were opened during the day to…

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The island of Asinara is a unique place in the Mediterranean. It is an island that makes you feel a totally wild and primitive nature. The connection with the sea, the land, and the animals that inhabit the island is an experience almost impossible to recreate elsewhere. This is a large island, 51km2, so your visit must be planned in advance if you want to go on your own, depending on what we want to do since there are no roads, and walking through it is not easy since there is no Where to guard against the inclement weather. Another option is to hire an agency with everything organized where we can choose what type of visit we want to make. The island of Asinara is located a few kilometers from the mainland and Stintino, just in front of the famous beach of La Pelosa. The island was inhabited by…

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the heat of the daylight hours drops in the afternoon, average temperature of  27 °C,
little rain, sunny days almost 30 ..
All restaurants, beach resort, entertainment are open ..
What are you waiting for?